Out of millions of broadcasters out there, how can one channel stand apart?

OvrStream provides a unique motion graphics experience for alerts & overlays to help you stand out from the crowd & build your community. Now that we're partnering with Mix it Up, we're excited to bring Mixer users even more ways to tinker & customize their channel to fit their brand and personality.

Start customizing your channel's graphics with dynamic, automated data visualization from OvrStream.

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OvrStream is a streaming graphics application that enables broadcasters to create more dynamic, visually stunning alerts and overlays.

By working with Mix It Up, we’ve made it even easier to turn the data from your regular stream events into stunning, full-screen alerts in our powerful rendering engine. 

Use OvrStream to visualize data from Mixer, Streamlabs, Gawkbox, Extra Life, TipeeeStream, TreatStream, Streamjar, Twitter & Patreon - as well as take Skills, Sparks, Embers & MixPlay interactivity to the next level.

OvrStream can visualize data from:


Whether you’re a natural creative or a turn-key-solution kind of streamer, OvrStream can help you create an engaging visual package for your brand. 

Dive into Title Designer to quickly create animated 2D and 3D alerts, overlays and notifications.

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Add unique animations, filters & effects to your webcam for an engaging experience.

Try a New Look

Import your own logos, clips and images to create truly unique alerts and overlays.

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Get started with over 35 templates to help you spark creativity and customize your channel graphics.

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